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Our Croatian Roadtrip: Island of Vis

We arrived in Vis pretty late after our whole Split missing the ferry scenario. We decided to hit the hay at our amazing Airbnb straight away and get up early the next day.

Waking up and seeing Vis in all it’s beauty was breathtaking. The whole place seemed completely deserted, with only a few people here and there cycling or walking around. We bought some crepes along the shorefront and it was interesting to see that most of the locals seemed to know eachother, saying hello or making a joke. Was really refreshing as a lot of communities don’t do that nowadays.

Island Life

After a few days of non-stop travelling and madness, it felt great to be in such a relaxed environment. The sea was amazingly clear and we were surrounded by such lovely scenery. As it was a Sunday, we decided to spend the first day in Vis just relaxing and going for walks. We swam, napped by the shore to the sound of waves and had a lovely dinner in a local restaurant.

Blue Grotto

On the second day we had already planned to visit the Blue Grotto, one of the tourist hotspots just off of Vis. Our airbnb host helped us to book the trip. We climbed aboard a little boat that shuttled us over to Biševo. Once we arrived, we bought our tickets and got on another tiny boat that took us into the caves. The water was the most beautiful shade of blue I’d ever seen. It was so hot that I just wanted to dive right in!


I loved seeing the natural, almost neon blue light that filled the caves. As far as I’m aware, the light is completely natural which makes it a wonder. I do wish that they gave more of a talk about how the light is created, but maybe there are too many language barriers and it may ruin the beauty of it. I definitely recommend going if you’re in Vis, it’s not expensive and you’re going to be helping the locals. Your tourism brings jobs and money for the island which is important.




After the Blue Caves, we spent a final night in Vis before setting off on our next leg of the trip!


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