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Our Croatian Roadtrip: Omiš

Our next stop along the Croatian coast was in a town called Omiš. When we pulled up to park we could see a huge gorge with the Cetina River running through it. We decided to visit Omiš because we wanted to try zip-lining, but also it seemed like a lovely scenic place to stay for two nights.

We spent the morning of our first day hiking up the gorge to the top with the zip-lining company. Only me and Rich would be clever enough to hike in 30 degree heat without any water haha – luckily we were so distracted by flying down the zipline’s that we didn’t die of thirst. The views from the top over the river were stunning, I felt like I was looking at a perfect, scenic painting the whole time. The zip-lining itself was one of the coolest things we’ve ever done!! I was a bit nervous as the first one went right over the river, wayyyy up high but after the first one was done I couldn’t wait for the rest. We went through trees and different levels, it was definitely worth it – even just for the views!

After the zip-lining we were so hot that we decided to head to Beach Velika Plaza to cool down and eat some yummy watermelon. There is literally nothing better than eating a huge watermelon when you’re dehydrated – delicious!



We spent the evening drinking white wine and watching the Euro’s which was really nice and relaxed.


Next stop – Dubrovnik! Crossing the Bosnia and Herzegovina border was fine but also a bit nerve racking! Luckily our rental car company gave us a piece of paper so we didn’t have to pay at the border, but we did have to show our passports. Make sure if you do this you’re prepared and know all about crossing the border, I was silly and left the passports in the boot of the car so had to run out and get them!


Which town in Croatia is your favourite? I really can’t wait to go back!

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