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How to save money and travel more often

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I’ve noticed recently on my Instagram that a lot of followers have been asking me how I’m able to travel so frequently. The truth is, being able to travel hasn’t been handed to me on a silver platter. Money isn’t miraculously put into my account every month to make my travel dreams come true. In reality, I have saved a lot of money and cut out a lot of things I didn’t really need to globe-trot!

I thought I’d share a few things I’ve done that have specifically helped me to travel in my 20’s.

I learned how to budget

Before I went to uni, I made it a priority to learn how to manage my funds. As Zzz as that sounds, it taught me how to put money aside for things I really wanted. This was after all rent, bills and necessities (food etc) were taken. I worked part time and saved some of my student loan. Overall, savings are the most crucial part in being able to travel.

Money management

Carrying on from the first point, putting money aside and actually managing it is another thing. I’ve been using a smart tool called Money Dashboard for years and it’s transformed how I manage my cash. The dashboard lets you connect your debit/credit cards and view your funds in real-time. What’s better, it shows your expenditure and on what per week/month. You’ll get the biggest reality check on how much money you spend in Starbucks or on clothes this way – trust me.

Cut shit out

Sorry for the language but I have to be honest here. You want to travel? Then stop buying coffee, expensive lunch, clothes you don’t need, beauty treatments, expensive cars, the most “up to date” technology, branded food – the list goes on. One of the big things that people drain their accounts with is alcohol. You see those terrible weekends where you spent too much on booze but don’t remember any of it? You would have been better off staying in and planning an adventure! Cutting out or cutting down any of these expenditures will save you more money for flights and accommodation.

Forget about luxury

You have to take the expectation of staying in 4-5* hotels and flying with premium airlines out of your mind. Don’t compare travel in your 20’s to holidays with your family. If your sole desire is to explore and experience different cultures then you can definitely do that on a budget. When I go for a weekend away (especially in Europe) I always use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights. Another thing you need to forget about is convenience. If the cheapest flight is at 5am, then be prepared to wake up early (you get way more time in the place anyway, it’s a win win). I then go on Airbnb or Hostelworld to find a room. You can get really well located accommodation for a cheap price – all you need to do is some research!

Don’t rely on people to travel

If one of your biggest passions in life is to travel the world, then sometimes you need to be willing to do this on your own. Although it can be daunting, solo travel is so rewarding once you’ve fulfilled your wanderlust – without anyone holding you back. Of course there will be times where family/friends/baes will go with you, but if you want to go somewhere and nobody is available – my advice is to just book a ticket! When I was in Slovenia for work I was left for a while by myself and had the best adventure, met a group of lovely Scottish girls randomly and toured around Ljubljana!

I hope this inspires you guys to plan more adventures – trust me, it isn’t impossible! If budgets are really tight, remember to travel closer to home – you’ll be surprised with how many places you can explore.

If you want any more advice on this feel free to chat to me in the comments below;

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