About Me


Hey I’m Elisha, most people call me Leesh. I’ve always been based in the UK but I quickly realised that I’m most happy/free when I’m exploring new places, solo or with people that I love. In life I believe that nobody fits into a specific box. Travelling the world has made me embrace the fact that I can one day be an urban explorer and the next a barefoot bohemian. I started Girls that Wander hoping that others like me would get inspired to travel, finding other sides to themselves they never thought existed.

I’ve loved harnessing the internet to create since I was around 12, on my old school dial-up computer (remember those days!?). It was a desktop in my living room and I was only allowed on it for a few hours after school. I developed a passion for writing and photo editing over years of Piczo, MySpace and many other social sites. I’m always learning from other bloggers and absolutely love the tight-knit community that’s developed online. Creating content that tells a personal story to connect with my readers is exciting to me, and putting the hours in is nothing compared to the fulfilment I get from knowing someone has appreciated what I’ve shared.

We have a beautiful world and I feel lucky enough to embrace it. Follow me on my journey for worldwide adventures, travel tips, life learnings and all the cool stuff in between.

I want to chat with you guys! Connect with me: 

Instagram: @girlsthatwander

Twitter: @leeshhb

Snapchat: leeshbrock